Why Advantage-Lab

--- Working With Friends---

Advantage-Lab’s mission is to contribute to the fascinating world of research by providing laboratories and research institutes with the best quality laboratory equipment, respecting their budget limits at all times.

To obtain that goal, Advantage-Lab on the one hand focuses on instruments of top quality with standard features, avoiding costly and unnecessary sophistications. Over the years, we established a solid network of leading European suppliers to help us meet this vision.

On the other hand, Advantage-Lab relies on a close network of distributing partners who speak the language of the end-users and offer them an adequate technical service and sales support.


After more than 10 years of experience, Advantage-Lab now offers a broad portfolio of trustworthy laboratory equipment at affordable prices with a professional network of distribution partners in over 30 countries worldwide.


Advantage-Lab is continuously striving for researchers to experience its quality products. To accomplish our mission, we are looking for trustworthy local distributors who support this philosophy. We want to enter new markets, not through local distributors, but with local distributors. We believe that with a dynamic partnership of commitments and expectations, end-users will have the best experience with Advantage-Lab.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company we are continuously improving our quality in all aspects in order for you to enjoy our “Best priced laboratory equipment”.
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