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Expanded line of Advantage-Lab CO2 Incubators!


Always ensuring your safe cultures and at the forefront of technological development!

Advantage-Lab is pleased to launch 3 touch-screen CO2 incubators, created to be as user friendly as possible.

Our CO2 incubators are designed to make your life easier thanks to their new touch screen display and PID control system with full data logging (text & graphical). In a few simple steps you can access the menu, program it and check your data afterwards. But even more important, with their 200°C sterilization cycle, they are the hottest sterilizing CO2 incubators on the market.

Finally, because you never change a winning team, our CO2 incubators are still available in 3 different sizes (50L, 190L and 190L + 200°C sterilization cycle), have anti-microbial biocide paint and ensure a minimal risk of contamination.

Russian Advantage-Lab catalogue

Advantage-Lab is proudly announcing the official launch of our Russian catalogue!
We are taking 

the next step in helping our Russian speaking friends and thank our distributors for further promotion of our product line. 
For further questions about our expansions, please contact!
"работа с друзьями" angel


3 new Advantage-Lab ultra-low freezers!

Equip your laboratory with our new big size freezers Ultra low temperature (-40°C / -86°C)!


     Model AL07-19-230                                   Model AL07-23-230

Always excellent compressor technology, but bigger size to optimize your usage!

Advantage-Lab is delighted to launch 3 big size freezers (585L, 646L 826L) produced with attention to details and friendly features just for meeting your demand!

Concentrating on very low energy consumption and low noise level, our sustainable freezers are one of the most environmentally friendly ones in the market. All features such as alarms and data logging functions are always standardly included. Models with an exterior height under 2 meters are available on request!

New Advantage-Lab Muffle Furnaces!

We are very glad and proud to announce we have a new line of Muffle furnaces!
A high accuracy and reliable line according to the well-known Advantage-Lab robustness. The ber-insulated chambers are designed for hardening, loosening, normalising and other thermal processing up to a temperature of 1100°C. Therefore they are ideal for applications in scientific laboratories, educational institutions, medicine and industry.

New Advantage-Lab Drying Ovens!

Advantage-Lab optimized its range of Drying Ovens! 5 new models in stainless steel designed for thermal treatment of various materials up to 300°C!. Our new range is specifically designed for thermal treqtment such as drying, heating, aging, thermal testing and similar purposes. The ovens come standardly with a fan for forced air convection which allows a homogenous temperature distribution during all processes. This to ensure optimal results. We are very satisfied being able to comply with the demanding requirements of our valued customers.

Advantage-Lab at Analytica!

You are very welcome to visit us at our booth
                    Hall A3.404a!

New Advantage-Lab Shaking Water Baths!

Advantage-Lab added Shaking Water Baths to its portfolio! Our new range of stainless steel Shaking Water Baths are ideal for daily routine applications. We are very satisfied being able to comply with the requirements of our valued customers. Thank you to all our partners and distributors for the support in the launch of these products. Also for further developments coming up!

New Advantage-Lab Thermostatic Water Baths!

We are proud to announce Advantage-Lab launched a new line of Thermostatic Water Baths! More specifically, we expanded tour range with different bath capacities and  methacrylate Plexiglas baths! This range is available at even more competitive prices! Further information about this innovative line can be found under "products +" or at your local distributor "distributor +"


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