Big Summer Promotion Autoclaves!

Purchase one of our fully-automatic autoclaves during June, July or August 2017 to get this menu for free!

What is included:

Code Description
AL02-01-160 Built-in Printer for all automatic autoclaves


Printer Cable for AL02-01-160
AL02-01-161 Paper for Printer (10 rolls)

Built in Printer
The fully-automatic Advantage-Lab autoclaves can be supplied with a built-in printer to document the performed cycle, in addition to a comprehensive LCD display. This feature is optional.

About Our Fully-Automatic Benchtop autoclave
- User friendly, microprocessor control system
- Designed to treat all load types including liquids, instruments and waste.
- Programs are fully customizable to suit the specific needs
- Available in floor standing or bench top models and in chamber sizes from 23, 40, 62 & 85 liters.

*For an official quotation contact your local distributor or sent an e-mail to: