Big Summer Promotion for Autoclaves from Advantage-Lab!

Advantage-Lab autoclaves, high quality and best pricing! 

Summer sale of 2017 has begun. Get in touch with us now and find out more about what you can get from this Summer sale! 

Purchase one of our fully-automatic autoclaves during June, July or August 2017 to get this menu for free!

About Our Fully-Automatic Benchtop autoclave
- User friendly, microprocessor control system
- Designed to treat all load types including liquids, instruments and waste.
- Programs are fully customizable to suit the specific needs
- Available in floor standing or bench top models and in chamber sizes from 23, 40, 62 & 85 liters.

*For an official quotation contact your local distributor or sent an e-mail to:

What is included:

Code Description
AL02-01-160 Built-in Printer for all automatic autoclaves


Printer Cable for AL02-01-160
AL02-01-161 Paper for Printer (10 rolls)

Built in Printer
The fully-automatic Advantage-Lab autoclaves can be supplied with a built-in printer to document the performed cycle, in addition to a comprehensive LCD display. This feature is optional.

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